The PAGC Youth Empowerment Services, also known as the YES Program, is an amazing resource for youth in the community of Prince Albert! Funded through Jordans Principle, the YES Program offers a variety of different engaging activities for youth ages 11-18 in Prince Albert. Their programs run from Tuesday-Friday, 4pm – 9pm, and Saturdays & Holidays Noon – 9pm, as well as having a support group on Monday Evenings. To be a part of the YES Program the youth must have their treaty number or Metis card. The YES Program’s main goal is youth empowerment and creating strong cultural foundations, so that youth can understand their identity and know that they have history to be proud of. There are many fun and educational activities that go on, such as Elder teachings, journaling, culture days, music, art, language, team building, life skills, language learning and more! They are located in the Parkland Hall, which also means access to skating in the winter, and can look forward to canoeing in the summer! For more information or to register call 306-953-7285 or check out their website