Communities Building Youth Futures, otherwise known as CBYF, is a youth-led organization working together to build a stronger future for all youth in Prince Albert, SK. CBYF works with youth to identify and define barriers for their education and employment goals. Youth can get involved with CBYF in a variety of ways, such as the Youth Leadership Council, various workshops and events, and action teams. The youth voice is in the centre of CBYF’s work, as the organization’s motto is “for youth – by youth”. One common misconception about CBYF is that it is only for teenagers – CBYF works with youth ages 14-30.  Their office is open from 9am-4pm, Monday to Friday, and is located in the Bernice Sayese Centre. If you are interested in the services CBYF has to offer, check out their website, or check them out on social media! If you are wanting to see change for the Youth of Prince Albert, check them out!